Top 10 Celebs Who Suffered From HIV / AIDS
AIDS is a deadly disease which is caused by a virus called HIV virus . It has become more than 30 years of the discovery of this disease. Until that 36 million people have died by AIDS. The virus attacks the immune system and breaks it down into pieces leading to death. AIDS is one of the most controversial diseases has ever observed in this world. It has been concluded by the scientists that this disease has originated in non-human primates and then it got transmitted to human in West-Central Asia. Many people have died due to AIDS and are still dying. There are countless celebs who suffered from HIV / AIDS for different reasons. Some of them could not survive the disease and got knocked down. Here are a few among several celebs who suffered from HIV / AIDS. Top 10 of them are listed below:- 10 Celebs Who Suffered From HIV / AIDS

10. Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson Ricky Wilson, born on 19th march 1953 and died on 12th October 1985. He was a American musician. He used to play guitar and was a member of the popular band B52. His illness was observed of the first time in 1983 when all of the members of their group was in a recording session of their upcoming third studio album named 'Whammy!' After fighting for survival for 2years, Ricky died at an age of 32 in the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre and later was buried in Oconee Hill Cemetry.

9. Gia Carangi

Gia Carangi She was absolutely too gorgeous but could not able to fight with the most dangerous disease. Gia Carangi had born on 29th January 1960 and died on 18th November 1986. She was a America based model by profession. She had represented top most brands like Giorgio Armani, Levi, Maybelline etc during her career. Her career graph started to fall after she got addicted herself to heroine. She was admitted to Warminster General Hospital due to pneumonia and then a few days later the doctors diagnosed presence of HIV virus in her body. She was transferred to Hahnemann University Hospital where she fell into death. She was only 26 when she died.

8. Pedro Pablo Zamora

Pedro Pablo Zamora Pedro was born on 29th February 1972 and died on 11th November 1994. He was probably one of the first open gay men in real world. His partner was Sean Sasser. He got a highlight when he appeared on MTV's 'The Real World: San Fransisco' and talked about his LGBT issue and also about his illness due to AIDS. He died at 4:40am EST on 11th nov after the final episode of the reality show was aired. Sean also suffered from AIDS and died at an age of 44. After Pedro's death, US president Bill Clinton said in public about his tremendous courage and audacity of living in AIDS.

7. Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson Handsome hunk Rock Hudson was born on 17th November 1925. He was the top actor during his career. Reports said that the cause of his AIDS was due to the affected transfused blood which he had to take during his heart bypass operation. He publically confirmed that he was suffering from AIDS on July 1985 after one year of his diagnose. He died on2nd October 1985.

6. Brad Davis

Brad Davis The American actor Brad Davis was born on 6th November 1949 in Florida. One of his famous films was Midnight Express. Doctors diagnosed him with HIV in the year 1985 but Davis never talked publicly about his health. Later, before his death, he published an autobiography where he wrote that he had to keep his illness as a secret in order to get work for his family's survival. Though he had AIDS, he used to consume narcotic drugs. One day he had a drug overdose and went to hospital by his family. There he decided to end up his life by Euthanasia. He died on 8th September 1991 in front of his family.


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