What Is Your Anger Trigger?
What makes you a mean ol' anger machine?

What Is Your Anger Trigger?

  1. You got: Your anger trigger: Slow Drivers

    When someone is driving slowly and blocking your way, you could go nuts! You start to perspire, you leg starts to twitch, and some curse words might start to pop out of your mouth. We feel your pain! We know that you are a very safe driver, but when someone is being TOO careful and driving like a snail, no one can blame you for getting angry, we're totally in the same boat as you! Let's start a movement - ADASD: Awesome Drivers Against Slow Drivers. Are you in?

  2. You got: Your anger trigger: Stupid People

    Generally, you are a very calm, peaceful, friendly person. You love to meet people and laugh out loud. All that changes when you meet a stupid person. You just can't handle that! These people think that they are god's gift to humanity, and that the words that are coming out of their mouths should be carved in stone. And the most annoying part- other stupid people follow them! It's like a flock of stupidity! Trust us, we're right there with you!

  3. You got: Your anger trigger: Hypocrisy

    The one thing that annoys you the most? Hypocrisy! You just can't handle that stuff! What makes you so exposed to hypocrisy? You actually listen to people. When other people just pretend to listen to what others say, you are actually interested. You like to listen to all sorts of opinion, views and thoughts. You like to have all the information available and then reach your educated conclusion. The only downside to that amazing quality you have, is that you remember what people have said before, and it's super easy for you to spot the hypocrites.

  4. You got: Your anger trigger: Liars

    You just can't stand liars! You are a very straightforward and honest person. You say what's on your mind, you share your feelings, and you always prefer the truth over empty lies. When people lie to you, it feels like a stab in the back. You go above and beyond to be direct and talk about your real thoughts with people, and then you receive empty words back. Liars are the worst kind of people in your book, and we could not agree with you more!

  5. You got: Your anger trigger: Lazy People

    What is the one thing that can drive you completely mad? Lazy people! You are a very hardworking person. You have started from basically nothing, and made something of yourself. You know for a fact that every dream is possible if you are willing to work hard for it. Some people prefer to sit on their asses all day and complain about their lives, and you just can't listen to that, it drives you mad! If you want your life to be better, WORK ON IT! We feel your anger!

  6. You got: Your anger trigger: When People interrupt you

    Your anger trigger is one of the most annoying things people can ever do- interrupt you while you're talking! While other people just say nonsense all the time, you've actually thought about what you wanted to say. You came up with a coherent sentence that actually means something, and to have someone interrupt you in this manner can absolutely drive you berserk!


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