Untamed Wild: 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks on Human
Time and again incidences have surfaced that reveal the importance of maintaining a healthy distance from the nature's wild side. As humans take their liberty to approach animals of prey, the game has started getting ferocious and deadly. According to Michael Conover, management expert at the Berryman Institute of Utah State University, the main reason behind rising animal attacks on humans is the encroachment of humans into animal habitat. 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks

10. Monkey Menace Led to Deputy Mayor's Death

Monkey Menace Led to Deputy Mayor's Death In 2007, a group of wild monkeys attacked a senior government official of Delhi, India. Deputy Mayor S S Bajwa was attacked by a horde of wild monkeys when he was on the first-floor terrace of his home. In an attempt to fight off the monkeys, Bajwa fell off from the terrace. He was rushed to a hospital. A day later, Bajwa succumbed to multiple head injuries.

9. Ofir Drori attacked by Crocodile

Ofir Drori attacked by Crocodile An award-winning wildlife conservationist, Ofir Drori, was enjoying a quiet canoe ride along Ethiopia's Omo River when a dangerous predator attacked him. A three metre long crocodile made sudden dash for his canoe and latched onto his calf. Luckily Drori was in shallow waters. He used his other leg and dug foot into river's bed. After some demanding struggle Drori managed to free his leg from crocodile's grip. But he realized that a chunk of his calf was missing.

8. Horrifying tiger attack at Dinner Circus

Horrifying tiger attack at Dinner Circus It was during a performance at 'Dinner Circus' when audiences witnessed something real horrible. During a circus show in Hamburg, Christian Walliser, a seasoned tiger trainer, was brutally attacked by three Bengal tigers . Following a fall during the performance, Walliser was pinned to the ground by the tigers. They sank their teeth into his head and upper body, and tore off one of his hands. A fatal attack that was, Walliser was extremely lucky to survive though with serious injuries.

7. Grizzlies attack on American environmentalist

Grizzlies attack on American environmentalist American environmentalist and bear lover, Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend were killed and partially eaten by coastal grizzlies during their project at Katmai National Park in Alaska. Reportedly, Treadwell had spent thirteen consecutive summers at the national park. In October 2003, when Treadwell and his girlfriend were there to observe wildlife, they were found missing from their campsite. Later their mauled bodies were found and it was confirmed a male grizzly had partially eaten the couple.

6. Death of the 'Crocodile Hunter'

Death of the 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin, popularly known as Crocodile Hunter, died when a stingray barb attacked him during a filming session in Australia's Great Barrier Reef . He died following several stabbings to the heart. Stingrays are said to attack only when they feel threatened, making the incidence of Irwin's death extremely rare. It is one of the most shocking events in the world of wildlife filmmaking.


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