7 Foolproof Ways To De-Stress On Campus
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1. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. If you’re feeling a little down, never forget, Mother Nature is always there for you. A shoulder to cry on come rain or shine, the aromatic scents of her creations are enough to soothe the darkest of demons. Get yourself to the nearest species of greenery on campus and soak up the serenity. Or if you’re in luck and there's a potted plant sale on campus, nab yourself one and never let it leave your side. There are even water fountains on campus to help you nourish your new companion. Better safe than sorry, I'd say.

2. Bash a DH1 bean bag about.

Bash a DH1 bean bag about. So why did the University invest thousands of pounds refurbishing Devonshire House over the summer, you may well ask? Two words, my friend, two words: bean bags. You may have spotted a few in DH1, and now you know their purpose. Perfect for a snug nap to forget your worries, these things are basically a cousin to the infamous stress ball. Ideal for a little harmless 'rough-and-tumble', swing a right hook into one of these bad boys and there'll be no risk of shattered glass, or possible criminal damage...

3. Ponder over a painting.

Ponder over a painting. Art is subjective. Therefore, no matter if you consider these pieces to be a representation of the endless toils of the lower classes, or simply an allusion to Cady's character arc in 'Mean Girls', you will always be right. And nothing's more de-stressing than knowing you're right.

4. Meditate to alleviate.

Meditate to alleviate. It is no mere coincidence that Exeter was praised by none other than 'The Times' as the "most gardened campus in Britain". These green spaces are not just for show, people. Get cross-legged, close your eyes and plonk yourself in one of these green gardens. You'll journey to Nirvana and back in time for your next seminar, guaranteed.

5. Hit up the Ram. (Actually, wait, please don't hit. This is what we're trying to avoid.)

Hit up the Ram. (Actually, wait, please don't hit. This is what we're trying to avoid.) Don't be "ram"-ming your fist into University equipment, get down to the Ram instead. Apologies for the wordplay. However, a recent ground-breaking study did in fact find a direct correlation between the consumption of curly fries and reduced levels of stress on the brain. And this is 100% true. Honest.

6. "Let me take a selfie".

"Let me take a selfie". In times of peril, a bit of pampering may be the only avenue of escape. Pick up your self-esteem and take a selfie of you looking none other than fierce - upload that gem and watch the likes flood in. If the degree doesn't go to plan, at least you know you can rely on your bone structure to get you places. In times of insanity, vanity can be the only remedy.

7. If all else fails...pizza?

If all else fails...pizza? Err, why else do you think these trays of calorific heaven are dotted about the place? It's almost as if they're TELLING us to give in to these doughy delights. At times of high stress, we will just have to cave in. (Note: we take no responsibility for any later feelings of stress or regret in pursuit of that summer bod.)


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