Top 10 Infamous Blunders of World's History
"To err is human" is a well-known saying. We often use it to cover up our mistakes. It will hardly affect our life if we commit small mistakes! If such a mistake is committed by famous persons holding high office of responsibilities, including government offices, religious centers, etc. It can have serious ramifications. It can create obstacle in the path of human's development. We can say when a good work done by a good person leads to betterment of society.

Similarly, if a wrong work done by an obnoxious person it can give us worsening effect. It can make our world weird! We should recall the mistakes of eminent persons, so we can avoid their repetition in the future. Here are the top ten infamous blunders of world given below.

10. Jainism: Burden of Virtue

Jainism: Burden of Virtue Jainism is an old religion of world as well as significance globally. Prominent prophet of the religion is Lord Mahavira who also regarded as last. Truth and honesty is the main theory preached by the creed. The precept of the faith is its "virtue" (good deeds) and bad deeds are like "iron chains" of humankind. In one hand the concept of Jainism is to do welfare to other beings on the other hands it's believes in "salvation" (human need to release from cycle of birth and death). The religion emphasis on "isolation" - (people should stay in isolation). That's why, so many Jain monks stay in seclusion. There is a dichotomy we witness that people of the community thinks they doesn't need to do welfare to others as rest of the population is already doing so. It is a blunder, because of this believes Jain monks are living away from the rest of population. They are living segregate life in isolation not even doing good deeds to avoid committing bad deeds. The people are only waiting for salvation.

9. Disillusion about Allopathic Medicine

Disillusion about Allopathic Medicine Allopathic medicine is most researched accepted medicine which is a "boon" to medical science. It deserves acknowledgment for discoveries of vaccines, anesthetics, antibiotics and modern diagnostic aids. It can cure so many deadly diseases. But, like the flowers associated with thorns allopathic associated with side effects. Science says, it is cannot be guaranteed that any particular allopathic medicine would have no side effects. Those who criticized allopathic we often consider him primitive, old fashion or illiterate person. But we forget our forefathers actually used Naturopathy, Herbal medicine or homeopathy to diagnose their disease. Apparently, allopathic gained popularity because of its fast therapy compare to homeopathy or naturopathy. But we can't sideline the disadvantage of allopathic. According to a report of World Health Organization ( WHO ) that consumption of allopathic from long time can damage your immune system. So we should not consume allopathic medicine for silly stuffs. Like for simply headache or body ache.

8. Partition of India  Indian Sub Continent

Partition of India  Indian Sub Continent This is a brutal blunder of India - Indian Sub Continent. This was a blunder in form of genocide. Nobody can deny it that in this phenomenon million of human beings killed. This led to division of Pakistan from India. These two countries were one nation before independence and community of two religious groups Hindu and Muslim used to live together with harmony. But during the era of Independency a deadly riot took place which bi-furcated these two countries from each other for ever. The disturbance killed millions of people. More than 400,000 people died. Hindu and Muslim both face atrocities and even movement from one place to another. The genocide is lead to created mass migration and mass killing. UNHCR estimates 14 million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs affected. This is one of the most evil blunders of our modern world.

7. Assassination of Jesus Christ

Assassination of Jesus Christ This is one of the most profane blunders of world. It occurred during 1st century AD when Jesus Christ killed by crucified. According to New Testaments ( Bible ) Jesus Christ is referred as "Father of Christianity" and also Christian believed that he is "son of god". We also called him Messiah. Messiah was arrested and sentenced by Pontius Pilate to be scourge and finally crucified. His suffering and crucification was main focus of Christian logy. The total story of crucification was mention in four canonical gospels, referred to New Testament. We don't know the exact day when Jesus killed but according to Bible probably it was Friday.

6. Mummified Theory

Mummified Theory The ancient Egyptians and some other countries had a complicated set of burial custom. They believed it's very necessary to make sure their immortality after death. This was a code of behavior which comprises mummifying the body. It was very rigid social custom. Mummified body used to keep in "pyramid" (a triangular shaped house). In ancient time in Asia and Africa after death body of the person need to preserved. So, the country introduced mummified theory which was a blunder. In one hand it was a serious and rigid kind of superstition. On the other hand so many living people had to lose their life with this orthodox act. In the top of pyramid prisoners used to sacrificed, those who were arrested during war. Priests used to split the victim open in some fashion. Sometimes they used to rip the victim with knife. The heads of victims were taken and stripped of from the flesh. This was very brutal custom which used to practice. Hence it was most evil form of blunder.


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