7 Huge Health Benefits From Drinking Coffee
To all my coffee loving friends here are the health benefits associated from drinking some joe.

1. Coffee can improve energy levels and make you smarter in the process

Coffee can improve energy levels and make you smarter in the process A cup of Coffee in the morning can keep you up and going for the rest of the day. Caffeine is a very powerful thing if not abused. One cup of Coffee should do it for you. When the Caffeine in the Coffee is absorbed into your blood stream its transmitted to the brain where Dopamine is released in the brain and while Dopamine is being produced Neurons in the brain are simultaneously firing . Coffee can also help you keep a steady memory, Overall Mood, Energy levels, Reaction Time and Cognitive Function due to those Neurons working faster than they usually would without Coffee!

2. Coffee can help burn fat!

Coffee can help burn fat! Studies have shown that Caffeine boosts the Metabolic rate aiding in burning off that fat by 3-11% thats crazy. Can increase the burning of fat in 10% of Obese individuals and 29% in fit individuals. The only thing is long term Coffee drinkers the burning of fat is not a forever thing it will diminish over time as our body only recognizes it as a fat burner for a short period of time not to be taken as a sole fat burner good excercise and diet are crucial to fat burning as well.

3. Can improve Physical Performance

Can improve Physical Performance It's a no brainer that Caffeine brings up our Adrenaline levels! When drinking Coffee our fat levels are broken down into fatty acids and used for more fuel.

4. Essential Nutrients

Essential Nutrients Here are just a few Essential Nutrients in Coffee: Riboflavin-Vitamin B2 Panthothenic Acid- Vitamin B5 Manganese and Potassium Magnesium and Niacin- Vitamin B3

5. May lower the risk of getting type 2 Diabetes

May lower the risk of getting type 2 Diabetes Studies have actually shown Coffee Consumers are at 25-50% less risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. Web MD has a very interesting article on why this occurs and what factors help heres the link http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/news/20120113/why-coffee-may-reduce-diabetes-risk

6. May protect you from Alzheimer's Disease

May protect you from Alzheimer's Disease The 2014 The Alzheimers European Congress discovered that drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer's by 20%-60%!

7. Can help fight Depression

Can help fight Depression A study done at Harvard discovered that drinking 4 cups of coffee daily can decrease depression by 20% in women. 4 cups of coffee daily also reduces the risk of Suicide by 53% because it is said to increase mood, productivity and overall happiness here is the link to Harvard's findings http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/hsph-in-the-news/coffee-depression-women-ascherio-lucas/


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