10 Outdated Gadgets Still in Use
"Technology has become as ubiquitous as the air we breathe, so we are no longer conscious of its presence." - Godfrey Reggio True enough, from the moment we wake up, till when we go to bed, we use gadgets so regularly that we hardly even notice that. Even when we are asleep, there are gadgets at work , like there are clocks ticking away to wake ups up at the right time in the morning. With the progress of science, newer gadgets replace older ones. There are several gadgets that are out of use , and almost on the verge of obliteration, now. But, there are also some outdated gadgets that are still in use. Let's take a look at 10 Outdated Gadgets Still in Use, now.

10. Dedicated GPS Device

Dedicated GPS Device Though most smartphones are have a GPS functionality, the dedicated GPS system still survives, and for several good reasons. Most people find the in-dash GPS devices or even the portable ones easier to balance on the dash than smart phones. Besides, it may also be a problem if there is a call, when the driver is about to take a turn. On top of it all, their manufacturers also tend to update the maps.

9. Vinyl LPs

Vinyl LPs With CDs, DVDs and other modern devices that can record music, the large black discs, i.e. the vinyl LPs should not have survived. But, instead, they have remained in the market. Music lovers who like a classic touch cling to the LPs. While gramophones are still available, the modern digital turntables that convert music on the LPs to digital files, make sure vinyl LPs are outdated gadgets still in use.

8. Typewriter

Typewriter We could say that typewriters are a combination of the modern keyboard of a computer and the printer, as this device can directly print on the paper, directly, what needs to be printed on paper. A more advanced version is the series by Brother, which uses electricity. While it doesn't allow saving documents for editing or reproduction, it is still used, especially by small enterprises, individuals, etc.

7. Portable Media Player

Portable Media Player Everyone uses the all-in-one cell phone as a portable media player. Why, then, are dedicated media players available? They generally have more memory than what can be committed to music on a phone which has other uses. Some portable media players can be plugged to a TV or other devices. Most importantly, the phone battery is saved for other tasks by the separate portable media players.

6. Landline Telephone

Landline Telephone People have cell-phones to attend calls - or reject them - at any time and place, landline phones are still important, not only because sometimes, cell reception is not easy to get, especially in some inside house and atop tall buildings, but also because it offers a sense of reliability to people when an establishment offers a permanent number. Rotary phones, however, are just antique collectibles.


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