Which Dr. Seuss Character Are You?
Which wonderful creature would you bewithin Sir Seuss' Mythology?

Which Dr. Seuss Character Are You?

  1. You got: Cindy Lou Who!

    Kind, curious, sweet, and small You are easily the cutest of them all! With eyes full of wonder And dreams ne'r too big Your heart lives to love and your hands itch to dig You care deeply for others And take them as your own Your heart is enormous This you have surely shown Our official results peg you and Cindy Lou As one and the same Tis nothing but true! We can't imagine you getting any other Who Can you?

  2. You got: The Cat in the Hat!

    Mischief afoot? Surely not you We can't imagine it coming from you! Not a fine upstanding cat, one refined like yourself Who's secrets aren't secretive Nothing's shelved in your shelves No, no - You're as you seem! Charming, charismatic, helpful and lean! (It's really OK, we wont say a thing You keep doing you Keep living the dream! Your secrets are all quite safe with us here Mischief's your middle name Cat's are never as they appear!)

  3. You got: The Lorax!

    Who thinks you're grumpy? Who'd say such a thing? Maybe one of the people Who squished up a dream? You have a great bit of trouble with society and greed They tick you right off Make your heart bleed You protect what you love And hold strong beliefs So if that makes you stubborn Then stubborn you'll be! Nature is Home and Home is Nature Is it too much to ask For humanity to mature? We think not. You might. We'll see? Maybe!

  4. You got: Horton The Elephant!

    Well my goodness, look at you A sight to behold, an Elephant too! In spirit, of course No cause for alarm We're not calling you fat Just... big! As in "full of charm" You've always stood out marched to your own drum The world is your oyster Now go have some fun! Its easy, we promise You're right there - on the brink Just be who you are Don't mind what "they" think!

  5. You got: Sam I Am!

    Green eggs and ham? don't know 'bout all that But we do know that you've got it all quite figure out! Confident, determined brash yet sincere You could sell a radio to a man without ears! Yes, life is quite simple We envy your 'tude Confidence is key And you got it, dude! Just don't flaunt it hard or others will flee Use it to help others And happy you'll be!

  6. You got: The Grinch!

    Please don't get upset We know what you're thinking "I got The Grinch!? Time to start drinking!" But please don't despair Its not your demeanor at all Well, it was at one time When you heart was too small But since then you've grown! You've blossomed and glistened You decided to learn, To love and to listen! Life had you down, dragged you straight through the mud But you got right back up And punched life with a thud Hold your chin up high You've been through the worst The best is yet to come And you'll come out first!

  7. You got: Thing 1 & Thing 2!

    Are you Thing 1? Or Thing 2? We have no preference, do you? We doubt that you do being the thing that you are You'd rather have fun than take this that far So lets have some fun! Which is what you do best Living life in the fast lane Wearing thrills like a vest Others think you're crazy and they're slightly correct No thing desires normalcy What do they expect? Just keep your hair crazy never drop that big grin For those who are happy Are in for the win!


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