10 Ways to Look Like a Millionaire
Anyone who has been around the block a few times knows that it’s not necessarily about what you have but what people think you have. Appearances and impressions go a long way and with a little bit of help you can upgrade the persona you give off. He

1. Own a custom suit/dress

Own a custom suit/dress No one says your entire wardrobe has to be designer or custom made for you, but adding even just a single custom item to your closet that has been created especially for you can help you exude strength, importance, and self respect.

2. Buy a pair of designer shoes

Buy a pair of designer shoes Having a pair of noticeably expensive shoes gives the impression that you have many more at home.

3. Wear a classy watch

Wear a classy watch Everyone needs a watch, and a dependable one nonetheless, but if you truly want to appear like a millionaire, you must invest in a quality watch. It should be a prestigious brand with a well-made mechanism. Watches are definitely all about the name.

4. Wear designer sunglasses

Wear designer sunglasses If you are not a sunglasses person, become one. There is something about shades that makes one look important. Get an expensive pair and you’ve already scored yourself some points. The more of your face they conceal, the healthier for your skin and the more mystery you give to your appearance.

5. Get the latest cell phone

Get the latest cell phone You cannot possibly pass as a millionaire if you are using an outdated cell phone. Make sure that your devices are updated and that you are always using the latest and best phone.

6. Wear silk ties and pocket squares

Wear silk ties and pocket squares Ties might just be one small part of the whole suit getup, but they pull it all together. The mark of a man who really knows how to wear a suit is one wearing a coordinating pocket square, folded neatly and sticking out just so.

7. Color Diamonds

Color Diamonds Color diamonds are extremely rare and often expensive, and most people know this. By wearing even the tiniest color diamond, you can give off a millionaire vibe. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money and get this look.

8. Travel

Travel What kind of millionaire stays home? None. Travel as often as you can. Doesn’t really matter where.

9. Stay in shape

Stay in shape The good thing about money is that it can buy you a lot of things including ways to get and look fit. Rich people hire a personal trainer, and you can too.

10. Drink a lot of wine

Drink a lot of wine Wine is rich man’s juice. You must drink it, a lot, even if you can’t stand it. Become educated regarding the different wines so you don’t feel and look stupid when wine is the main topic.


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