It is said that there is no better book to understand life than traveling. Traveling takes you to a various beautiful secrets clandestine in the girth of Mother Nature. If you are an explorer by heart and want to travel some of the nonpareil tourist destinations, here are 10 of the major Indian spots to which you must pay a visit before you die. 10 Fascinating Places in India Must See Once in Life

10. Beauty of Ladakh

Beauty of Ladakh

The land providing exquisiteness a new definition, Ladakh is a place that allures every tourist with its unsurpassed natural beauty, imposing mountains, shimmering lakes and countless other natural wonders. Ladakh never fails to intrigue the travelers with its soaring high peaks of snow-capped Karakoram and Himalayan ranges of mountains. The gleaming waters of Zanskar and Indus rivers and several other streams tucked in the midst of verdant valleys conjure to make Ladakh a dream destination for every traveler. Moreover, aplethora of opportunities offered by the region to trekkers and other adrenaline junkie soak travelers with thrills and spills.

9. Tea Carpets of Munnar

Tea Carpets of Munnar

It is a scientifically proven fact that the green color soothes the eyes the most. What if you see everything green wherever you take your eyes? The tea carpets of Munnar are such places where there are smooth rolling hills of tea gardens that appear from far as if there is a colossal carpet overspread to charm everyone. The roads here are twisting and winding, valleys are cloud kissed, air is matchlessly fresh and streams are dazzling. All these elements make the place a must-visit spot for the travelers.

8. Wilderness in Corbett

Wilderness in Corbett

Situated in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is well known among the wildlife buffs for its remarkable tiger population. Spread over 520 square kilometers of area, the park encompasses hills, meadows, and a large lake- Ramganga. It is the first national park in India and boasts exotic flora and fauna species. Other than spotting tiger in Corbett, the major fauna species that a traveler can witness in the park are Asiatic Elephant, Sambar, Yellow-throated marten, Sloth Bear, Asiatic Black Bear, Hog Deer, etc. The main fauna species in the park include Sal, Sissoo, Khair, Bamboos, etc. Enjoying various jungle safaris in the park can make the wildlife freaks soaked into unimpeachable delight.

7. Floating Islands of Loktak Lake

Floating Islands of Loktak Lake

As it is said that the earth is brimming with a plethora of mysteries and surprises, a traveler can quench his quest for visiting one of its kind destination through traveling a unique spot. One such astonishing destination is Loktak Lake in Manipur. The most appealing aspect of Loktak Lake is the floating islands that are also known as 'phumdi'. These phumdi are the heterogeneous masses of soil, vegetation, and organic matters at different stages of breakdown. There are more than a few phumdi floating all over the lake proving it astounding charm. These floating islands are strong enough that thatched huts can be built over it and thus one can find great settlements of local fishermen on these islands. Amazingly, Keibulnamjao National Park is a wonderful protected region filled with exotic flora and fauna is also one such floating island.

6. Ancient Ruins of Hampi

Ancient Ruins of Hampi

An immense open museum of history, Hampi is both a religious and historical place in India. Expand over an immense area of more than 25 square kilometers, the ruins of Hampi is chock-full of splendid temples, markets, palaces, fortifications, aquatic structures a plethora of other ancient monuments. This region was a capital of Viayanagara, a Hindu Empire ruling the entire South India during the span of 14th century to 16th century. The colossal rock strewn hills and the river that bisects make a peculiar landscape for this prehistoric metropolis. In concert with its historic and legendary residues, this rustic area makes a wonderful tourist destination . Hampi has the honor of being in the list of UNESCO's World Heritage sites .


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