You standing alone in the dark, stormy night and your heart is pumping like a drum. A murderer is following you in a black coat and you are his next victim. When your body is shivering and you hardly can walk, you still running for the life. Then suddenly…you wake up. Sounds familiar? This is one of the most common dream seen all over the world. Dreams and questions associated with it have always been a mystery from the beginning. Why we dreams? What they mean? The list of questions is long, but the answers are blurred. The following are the 10 most fascinating facts about dreams.

10. Blind People Dream

Blind People Dream

We see faces and objects in our dreams. But those who are blind by birth know nothing about images and colors. Yet, they see auditory dreams. They listen sound, recognize odor, and feel vibrations in their dreams. Those who become blind later in life, though, see images. Moreover, a Danish study shows that blind people have more nightmares than sighted people .

9. We Forget 90% of Our Dreams

We Forget 90% of Our Dreams

We spend nearly one-third of our life asleep, and unfortunately we couldn't remember most of it. About 95% of our dreams forgotten as we gets out of bed. Though we most likely to remember our dreams if awakened out of REM sleep as compared to full night sleep, but that doesn't explain the whole story. A study in the Journal of Adolescent health in 2011 showed that adolescent girls were more likely to remember dreams as compared to their male counterparts.

8. We only dream of what we know

We only dream of what we know

We see strange faces in our dreams. About 48% of people in our dream are unknown to us. But are they really strange and our brain is creating those faces? No, they are real faces and we've seen those faces somewhere in our life. May be the man, who were trying to kill you in your last dream, met you in grocery store when you were a child.

7. Few people dream in black and white

Few people dream in black and white

Though most of us see dreams in color, but there are some percentage of people who claims that they dream without colors. They see dreams in black and white. When they have been asked, right after awakened from dream, to select color from a chart, they frequently selected soft pastel. A 2008 study at University of Dundee found that people who only exposed to black and white television in childhood are more likely to see dreams in black and white.

6. Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams

Imagine you decide where to go, whom to meet, and what to do in your dreams. For some people this imagination is possible and they do it all the time. There is a whole community of people who claims that they have mastery in dreaming, and have abilities to control their dreams completely. They use different techniques to learn controlling their dreams and can do unbelievable things like flying, passing through walls, traveling to different dimensions and even back in time. They are lucid dreamers.


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