Top 10 Unique Elevators in the World
While we travel in metal boxes every day, up and down our building, some of us feeling a little claustrophobic. We often visualize the beautiful and unique elevators in the world, some of which we see only in films: the glass capsules, external elevators, etc. There are several exceptional elevators. Let us take a look at 10 Unique Elevators in the World.

10. Louvre Elevator

Louvre Elevator The Museum situated in Paris, France, has one of the most unique elevators in the world, open-topped elevator that is hydraulically powered. It has a futuristic design, and is a landmark of Paris, as it takes a smooth and quiet way of shuffling in and out of the museum . When the circular platform comes to rest, guests get to step onto the slide-out walkway that appears for them to board.

9. Umeda Hankyu Building Elevator

Umeda Hankyu Building Elevator The Umeda Hankyu Building is located in Osaka, Japan, and its elevators have an area of 11.15×9.2 feet. There are studios in New York that are not as large as these huge elevators. They can accommodate about 80 passengers, or 5 tons in weight. The reason for which these elevators are so spacious is that, the offices start after the 15th floor, and large number of employees ride it together.

8. Globen SkyView

Globen SkyView The Ericsson Globe is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and is the largest hemispherical building in the world. It has a height of 279 feet and a diameter of 361 feet. On the external side of the hemisphere, there are SkyView glass gondolas that give the riders a 20 min trip along the curve to the top of the globe. One of the most unique elevators in the world, the SkyView gives the best view of skyline.

7. Maritime Museum Birdcage Elevator

Maritime Museum Birdcage Elevator The Maritime Museum Birdcage Elevator, at the Victoria Museum, is North America's oldest operating birdcage elevator. This museum once housed the Provincial Law Courts, and the elevator was designed for second Chief Justice of the British Columbian Supreme Courts, Theodore Davie, who didn't get to use it. Its gold exterior and blue grillwork have been maintained for over a century.

6. Lloyd's Building Elevator

Lloyd's Building Elevator The Lloyd's Building is located in London, UK, and is nicknamed the Inside-Out Building. It has a bold architectural design, with water pipes, power conduits and staircases all on the exterior, for the maximization of the interior space. It has 12 glass elevators, located outside, as well. These were the first of their kind in the UK. The lifts carry people up and down in plain view of the financial district.


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