Problems people around my age have to deal with.

1. Those Who Don't Belong

Those Who Don't Belong

Social media being utilized by those too young or too old.

2. Internet Gangsta's

Internet Gangsta's

People who act tough and say whatever they want on the internet but not in person.

3. Nosey Relatives

Nosey Relatives

Relatives who use social media to spy on you.

4. Stalkers/Predators


Monitors your every move and won't leave you alone no matter how mean you are to them.

5. Sir PostsAlot

Sir PostsAlot

Those who have no lives and just post about irrelevant nonsense all day.

6. Obnoxious Celebrities

Obnoxious Celebrities

Celebrities on social media always think they're holier than thou.

7. The Internet Is Forever

The Internet Is Forever

Whatever you post to the internet stays there forever.

8. E-Thiefs


Ever posted something hilarious then about 2-5 minutes later someone else posted the exact same thing as you? You've just been robbed... online.

9. Dopplegangers


Someone who literally wants to be you and creates a profile just like you to either copy your every move or to ruin your entire social life.

10. Negative Outcomes

Negative Outcomes

When you plan to do something online to have positive outcomes and things don't go as you planned.


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