10 Ways To Prove How Manly You Really Are
So you think you are manly? Do all the things on the list and you will be able to prove it

1. Belly Flop Into A Pool From A High Distance

Belly Flop Into A Pool From A High Distance You will be red for only one second, I promise.

2. Go Scuba Diving In An Ocean

Go Scuba Diving In An Ocean If you see a pirate, turn around quickly.

3. Go Surfing

Go Surfing Ride the waves.

4. Go Sky Diving

Go Sky Diving Don't worry it's only about 14,000 feet in the air. NOT HARD.

5. Go Storm Chasing

Go Storm Chasing You totally won't get zapped by lightning.

6. Go White Water Rafting

Go White Water Rafting Mind your head, and maybe every other part of your body.

7. Walk On A Tightrope

Walk On A Tightrope You are definitely balanced.

8. Swim With Sharks

Swim With Sharks They won't bite you. Just get rid of the smell of barbecue sauce on you.

9. Trek Through The Amazon

Trek Through The Amazon You won't get lost.

10. Climb Mount Everest

Climb Mount Everest Don't look down!


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