Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2015
The moment you walk into a party or a nightclub, it is the music that takes you by surprise. It defines the theme of the party. The beats either turn you on or energizes the mood at the party. But, what gives the party an extra zing is when the DJ is no ordinary person but someone who is well dressed and looks incredibly stunning and hot. So, apart from music who is it that provides an added doze of glamour? Let's find out who made it top the list of top 10 hottest female DJs of 2015.

10. Juicy M

Juicy M Marta Martus, also known on stage as Juicy M, is a widely popular electro and progressive house DJ. She is immensely famous for her videos on YouTube and mixing multiple CDs without using headphones. Hailing from Ukraine, the lady is blessed with extraordinary good looks and a great body. Apparently, she rose to fame for her music and hot personality.

9. Keli Hart

Keli Hart Australia's famous and hottest female DJs has strikingly good features that are too good to be ignored. She has won many accolades and has impressed the crowds not only with his exceptional music but also her beautiful and sensuous features. It draws the attention of millions of people towards her while they are grooving on the dance floor. The brunette hair beauty with fair skin pops even more.

8. Claudia Cazau

Claudia Cazau Born in Târgoviște, Romania, this Romanian Trance and Tech house has been in the news for her hotness and good looks that has got her incredible attention. She has covered many places all over the world as a part of her touring and gig destinations. Some of the places include Sweden, Italy, Portland, and Vegas to make for herself the perfect living that she wanted.

7. Mari Ferrari

Mari Ferrari Known as the most fashionable female DJ, Mari plays for the highly chic and sophisticated clubs in town. Apart from her music, what makes her differ and stand out in the crowd is skin tone and bold looks. The celebrity DJ is still young but has already made a name for herself in the DJ world and built an enviable career for herself.

6. Niki Bellucci

Niki Bellucci The moment you look at her, you are sure to fall in love with her beauty. Her music is erotic and sensuous. Niki is one DJ, who portrays sexuality, vibe, and freedom that makes all her performances stand out when she is compared to the other female DJs. The starlet can also perform very well under pressure which is the sole reason she is being offered the best from the tops clubs over the world.


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